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April 14, 2017

The Importance of Referrals for Web Designers

Web designers and digital marketers alike often make this mistake that is costing them thousands and thousands of dollars each year. We see this so frequently: A firm finds a client, the project is completed, the client is satisfied, and then no initiative is made to network their services any further.

Referrals in the digital design and marketing industry are imperative for continuous growth. In fact, a lead developed by word of mouth has a substantially higher rate of conversion than a lead generated by outbound marketing. If you’re not encouraging your clients to spread the word about your business you’re leaving money on the table.

How to get referrals for your web design firm:

1) Quality Services: Firstly, it’s important to go above and beyond for any client you’re working with. If a client is not satisfied with the work you produced they certainly aren’t going to vouch for you to their friends, families or colleagues.

2) Incentive: Offer your clients a discount, or money back if they bring you new clientele. This method encourages your clients to go out of their way to spread the word about your services, and is a win-win for everyone. There are software and plugins that handle this task automatically, making your referral funnel seamless and easy.

3) Ask: Receiving referrals can be as easy as asking your previous clients to spread the word. After completing a project, an email or phone call stating “if you know of any other business owners that would benefit from my service please let them know about the work that we do.”

4) Network: There are tons of businesses and services that do not provide web design, but have customers constantly asking them if they know of a designer that can produce quality work. Print marketers, graphic designers, content writers, business coaches, and the list goes on. Communicate with these businesses and inform them of the work that you do. We recommend even going as far as offering some compensation for sending business your way. When you come across a client that could benefit from their service don’t forget to reciprocate and refer them to connections you have in your growing network.

April 7, 2016

Easy Improvements That Deliver More Sales

If you’re like a majority of our clients, you’re always striving to perfect your calls. Having the right attitude, charisma and preparation can work wonders to your conversion rates. We’ve put together some tips that each caller should consider when making that initial call to your web design leads.

Due-Diligence:  Take a look at the lead’s information and the notes included. What have they requested? View their current website, and see if there are any pressing issues you would like to discuss with them on your initial call. Some of our clients even go as far as doing a search on the company to get a better idea of their current marketing methods, branding and more thorough background information on the business.

Confidence:  Your personality is reflected through the phone. First impressions are made between 5-30 seconds. Make sure you have a good one! Studies have shown that standing up and smiling when calling leads helps you feel more comfortable and initiates better conversations with the prospect.

Organization:   Before you start dialing your fresh leads take a look at your desk. Being in an organized environment will aid you in better assisting your leads and keeping track of their requirements. If you don’t use one already, we recommend a lead management software to best keep track of your leads and remember what stage of the sales process they’re in. Most will even go as far as reminding you when to make follow up calls or emails, and can be accessed on the go.

March 23, 2016

Does Your Sales Process Need a Spring Cleaning?

Before you clean out your garage and closets, take a look at your sales process and see if it could use some polishing. With an industry that changes so frequently, it’s important that design firms are staying up to date with the best practices of their lead generation and sales methods. We’ve included some important areas that may need some sprucing up.

Software:  Is your CRM, project management or contact software as efficient as it can be? Developers are constantly releasing new products to the market that can assist you in staying organized and providing the best nurturing process to your leads and clientele. Having the latest and greatest software will save you time, money, and ensure that your clients are satisfied.

Missed Sales:  Shake some dust off those old leads that didn’t bite and see if they’re in a better position to purchase your services. The best lead nurturing processes have schedules that will remind leads of your firm and what you do.

Brand Presence:  When was the last time you updated your social media, portfolio or website? Those beautiful projects you’ve recently finished are a great way to display your value to interested prospects.

Hardware:  Are your computers getting sluggish? Perhaps you should consider doing a thorough cleaning of old, unnecessary files and software. If you have some room in your budget, you may even want to go as far as purchasing some new hardware or upgrades. Adding some additional RAM and disk space to your devices may be easier and less expensive than you may think!

December 28, 2015

What’s Your Firm’s New Year’s Resolutions?

For those of you that celebrated the Holiday season we hope it was filled with joy!  With a new year just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to reflect on your business’s successes and shortcomings. Where do you want your firm to be come this time next year? Establishing goals is easy; it’s committing and reaching them where many of us fail.

If expanding your web design firm’s clientele and revenue is on the top of your list (which is should be!), then you’ve come to the right place. Our team here at MeLeads has one main focus, and that is providing you with web design leads that convert into sales. Joining our community and becoming a client of ours will reflect positively on your business, and will certainly be a great asset when trying to accomplish more success come the new year.

We like to keep our community up to date on what’s going on around the office, and just like you, we have New Year’s Resolutions!

Even Greater Lead Quality:  Of course, this needs to be at the top of the list!  We’re constantly working towards improving our lead quality, ensuring that our clientele’s expectations are exceeded.

More Leads:  We guarantee a minimum of 3 leads per business day for each of our clients.  It’s very rare that we have a week where our clientele receives less than a few extra leads.  We want to quadruple this number come 2017.

More Employees:  We’ve been consistent with our growth.  As our company expands and clientele increases, so does the need for more members of our wonderful team.  We look forward to hiring several new members to our team during the new year.

Cheers to a successful 2015!  Let’s keep the momentum going throughout 2016!

November 2, 2015

How Proper Lead Nurturing Can Increase Sales

If you’ve landed on our website, chances are you’re in need of web design leads.  Having warm, qualified leads delivered each business day is vital for the growth of any web design firm.  Just like any other marketing funnel, receiving qualified leads from MeLeads requires a proper nurturing process.

Each web design firm may have a different nurturing process that work best for them.  It’s important that companies realize that what works for one firm, may not work for another.  With that said, these steps will help in ensuring you’re getting the most from your web design leads and in turn continue the growth of your clientele through more sales.

  • Utilize each form of marketing provided.  We provide phone numbers, emails, and website addresses with each of our web design leads.  Be sure to take advantage of each method of contact included with your leads.
  • Contact each lead as quickly as possible.  Our leads have last been communicated within just hours to providing them to our clients.  Whether you’re subscribed to our shared or exclusive leads plan, reaching out to leads when they are warm ensures the best conversion rate.
  • Cater to each lead accordingly.  We include details with each of our leads, outlining specific information on what was discussed during our communication with them.  Utilize these notes as a leg up when reaching out to your web design leads.
October 20, 2015

How to Leave the Perfect Sales Voicemail

Often times when prospecting leads you are met with the task of leaving a voicemail.  These tips will help those who may need some guidelines for leaving the perfect voicemail:

Plan your call:  As most prospectors know, it’s imperative that you have a set message or point to portray to your leads.  Who are you?  Why are you calling?  Voicemails should be brief (20-30 seconds) and effectively grab the lead’s attention, encouraging them to contact you back.

Keep it Relevant:  In order to obtain the highest conversion ratio, prospectors should be sure to keep voicemails specific and relevant to the person they’re contacting.  Each message you leave should be different, ensuring that you’ll generate a response.

Ask Questions:  Posing a question to your prospect has proven to be one of the best tactics for receiving a call back.  This method increases the human connection those have when receiving the call, and creates a sense of urgency to get back to the prospector.

October 12, 2015

Shared Vs Exclusive Leads

With our recent addition of an exclusive leads plan, it’s important for our clients to understand the difference between the services we offer.  Both shared leads and exclusive leads have pros and cons, and it’s necessary that our customers know what plan is best for them.

Shared Leads:  This plan provides clients with leads shared with a maximum of 5 different clients.  If you’re testing the waters, have a smaller budget, or have experience in closing qualified leads this service may be best for you.

Exclusive Leads:  This plan provides clients with leads that are exclusive to them only.  Exclusive web design leads are only provided to one client, and are never shared.  If you have a larger budget, don’t want to compete with other web design firms, or want a guaranteed higher closing ratio then this service may be best for you.

We understand that deciding which service is best for you may be difficult.  Our team is always happy to help you determine what plan is a best fit for your specific needs, and will gladly answer any questions you send our way.

October 12, 2015

Exciting New Features and Updates

Here at MeLeads we’re constantly striving for excellence in providing our clients with the highest quality web design leads.  Our team works around the clock, ensuring your needs are met and expectations exceeded.

We’re excited to announce several new features and improvements recently added to our service:

  • Exclusive Leads:  Due to lots of demand, we’re now offering an exclusive web design leads plan.  This service will provide you with the highest quality leads for your web design firm, and will eliminate competition when reaching out to your qualified leads.  You can learn more about our Exclusive Leads Plan on our Pricing page.
  • New Blog:  As our community grows, so does the need for regular updates on our service, industry news, marketing tips, case studies and more.  This blog will serve as an important outlet where readers can stay up to date on everything relevant to running a successful website design and digital marketing business.
  • Improved Support:  An influx of new clientele has required us to add several new members to the MeLeads team.  In addition, our email support hours have been extended, ensuring your support related questions are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Higher Quality Leads:  After months of critiquing and testing, we’re now generating leads through a variety of new lead generation campaigns.  Our clients will now see a steady flow of improved leads interested in web design services.  This will result in even higher conversion rates, more leads delivered and overall greater profits.

We thank you for being a part of the MeLeads community, and look forward to continuing to satisfy your lead generation needs!

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